About us – Essex Mushrooms

Essex Mushrooms - supplying home growersThis is our ‘about us’ page – the one nobody reads! Trading as Essex Mushrooms, we run a small business growing and selling mushrooms to local customers. Just like many others, we started out as hobby mushroom growers and the more we learned, the more we got involved and the more we grew.

Speaking to other people interested in growing mushrooms at home, we realised we could quite easily increase our stocks and start to supply other people wanting to start cultivating mushrooms. One or two of our friends went online to read more and ended up thoroughly confused by what they found; the many different ways, techniques and opinions that lurk online. So, we decided to set up two websites – www.growingmushrooms.co.uk which aims to provide information for mushroom growers, and this website which is our online shop.

Initially we plan to offer a limited range of items and things like home grow bags until we can judge the demand and build up the correct stock levels. Once we’ve built up sufficient spare stocks we’ll be adding things like spores, liquid culture and any other items we think you might need to get going.

Thanks to agreements with overseas partners, where their cultivation is legal, we’ll also be offering Psilocybin mushroom spore syringes for those interested in microscopy, though to ensure it is clear we do not encourage their cultivation, which is illegal in the UK, we will probably sell those via a dedicated website.

Setting up to grow on a larger scale?

If you’ve decided you want to start growing mushrooms on a larger scale to supply local demand, or even to sell online, we plan to offer guidance as well as offer help for those interested in bulk orders. Prices can be very tight for some things and it won’t be worth buying in bulk – for example if you want honey to make liquid culture, just nip round to your nearest branch of Tesco – but for less commonly available items Essex Mushrooms should be able to lighten the load a little.