Production Supplies
For Mushroom Cultivation

Our mushroom production supplies are aimed at advanced mushroom growers wanting to grow mushrooms in larger volumes, covering all aspects from mycelium cultivation, producing bulk substrates and preparing their own grow bags and monotubs. All items relating to sterile working will be included in this category.

Most items are available from stock. In the case of production supplies that may be subject to lead times (such as custom-built laminar flow hoods) this will be specified in the item descriptions.

Mushroom Production Supplies

Mushroom Grow Bags – we only use the best Unicorn mushroom bags, imported specially from USA and generally only carry the most popular lines in stock. Others may be available on special order if requested.

Special Order Only – Laminar Flow Hoods for mushroom production – these items are essential components for anyone involved in mushroom production and are made to order, with a minimum 14 day lead time. The importance of an effective laminar flow hood cannot be over-emphasised and as such we only use the best quality HEPA H14 filters in our hoods, as only these can remove 99.99% of particles at 0.3 microns (μm) in size.

Many of them items in the this category relate to sterile working for mycelium cultivation and other lab work. While buying the right equipment is important we would also recommend reading up on good working practices to ensure best results.