Liquid Culture

Stocks of mushroom liquid culture will be made available in stages throughout 2023, starting in late summer after staff holidays and will eventually cover the most popular mushroom species.

Our liquid culture is intended for home growers wanting to grow their own mushrooms, from grain spawn onwards. As such, instructions for the process are provided with every culture syringe. We’ve seen it said many times that liquid culture is is intended for advanced growers but in truth there’s nothing complicated about using it, and it doesn’t require any special skills. If you haven’t used liquid culture before you’ll need to read the provided instructions, particularly in relation to sterile working.

Unless stated otherwise, our liquid culture is supplied in 20ml syringes, with 2 needles (in case you want to use more than once) and sterile needle swabs.

Mushroom Liquid Culture
All stocks of liquid culture are developed in our own sterile workspace and are supplied from stocks we use ourselves and is tested to ensure it is free of contamination. It is important that buyers use great care when handling culture and follow all advice on sterile working methods to ensure contamination is not caused during inoculation or afterwards.  While this product will typically be made available in 20ml syringes we are open to providing in larger volumes to registered customers upon request.

If you plan to grow mushrooms of a type we don’t show culture listings for, come back again soon as we plan to add an extensive range in coming months, including multi-pack bundles.

Prices include free mainland UK shipping. Dispatch is normally within 2 working days from order excluding weekends.