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Ready to go Mushroom Grow Bags

Our CVG Mushroom Grow Bags consist of sterilised rye grain and CVG substrate (Coco Coir, Vermiculite and Gypsum) for gourmet mushrooms. Hardwood Mushroom Grow Kits consist of sterilised rye grain and a hardwood-based substrate ideal for a wide range of culinary and medicinal mushrooms

Standard Mushroom Kits are available as 1Kg, 1.5Kg and 2Kg grow bags, with discounts available for larger orders.

Our mushroom kits – mushroom grow bags – are available in different types and sizes depending on your needs. All kits consist of grain and substrate which has been packed into the highest-quality unicorn mushroom bags, sterilised and sealed. Self-healing injection ports are fitted to the bags, allowing you to inoculate your kit with the minimum risk of contamination.

Avoiding Contamination

As previously stated, all our mushroom kits are sterilised and sealed to remove all contaminants. Unless your grow kit arrives damaged, with tears or burst due to courier abuse, no contamination can exist inside your mushroom kit when it arrives. Your primary goal should be to ensure that no contamination is introduced from delivery onwards.

When inoculating your grow bag with the liquid culture of your choice, do it in a room with as little air movement as possible. If you’ve used an air purifier in the room recently, close the doors and let the air settle for at least 30 minutes before getting started. This reduces the risk of microscopic contaminants landing on your hands, the bag and even syringe needle.

Before inoculating your mushroom grow bag, it is important to clean your hands with an alcohol wipe. Next, clean both the bag and injection port with a new alcohol wipe. Liquid culture syringes will normally be supplied in syringes with separate sterile needles. Connect the opened syringe to the needle supplied and then use it immediately, gently piercing the injection port and injecting your liquid culture into the grain section of the mushroom kit. When you remove the needle, clean the port again and then (for added security) cover it with a strip of micropore tape. If you happen to be a little OCD about your cleaning, your mushrooms will love you for it! Careless inoculation is the most frequent cause of contamination but it only takes a few seconds to remove most of the risk.