4 x 1Kg Mushroom Grow Bags – Sterilised Grain and CG substrate


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4Kg (4 x 1Kg bags) mushroom grow kit with sterilised rye grain and CVG substrate (coir, vermiculite and gypsum) for great yields.
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In stock


Our mushroom grow bags – also-called all-in-one bags – contain sterilised organic rye grain with a substrate consisting of coco coir, vermiculite and calcium sulphate (gypsum). The grain and substrate are packed in highest quality Unicorn mushroom bags, sterilised and heat-sealed. Simple self-healing injection ports are added to the bags post-sterilisation.

This 4Kg pack will be supplied in four T-filter unicorn mushroom bags, with 1Kg in each (0.2micron filters).

To use, simply inoculate with the liquid culture of your choice. We would recommend not using spore syringes to inoculate grow bags as the risks of contamination are higher. We cannot accept any responsibility for contamination that occurs after delivery as we are unable to control either your spore/culture supply source or your sterile techniques.

Price incl free mainland UK delivery.
To save you the maths, that’s £10.99 per bag incl delivery!

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Weight 4.1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 28 cm