Mushroom Kits, for Mushroom Growers

Welcome to our mushroom supplies shop, created specifically for people growing mushroom at home! Hopefully we’ve got whatever you need but if not, it’s probably coming soon. Some items listed here will already be shown as ‘coming soon’ and (fairly obviously) they’re coming soon, as soon as sufficient stocks become available!

Mushroom Supplies

Our aim is to supply not just hobby mushroom growers with all the items you will need to grow mushrooms at home, but also those who want to set up as larger-scale mushroom growers. Rather than concentrate on low-price high-profit items, in other words items we wouldn’t use ourselves, the products we supply will be a little more expensive but better quality.

Discounts are often available for bulk orders, subject to availability. Unless stated otherwise, all prices shown are fully inclusive and include mainland UK delivery.

To take advantage of any discounts available, customers need to register at the time of placing an order with us and log in when making subsequent orders. Account and order queries are only possible for logged-in registered customers (see below).

Account and Order Enquiries

Due to the numer of people who get their kicks using contact forms to post all manner of spam, we don’t have a contact form for non-registered customers. If you place an order you will be invited to create an account login during the checkout process and once registration is complete you will be able to get in touch with us about existing or future orders for mushroom supplies.