10ml Syringe and Needle sets – Packs of 10 (30pc set)


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10ml Syringe and needle sets for mushroom liquid culture / spore work – Each set includes 10 x 10ml syringes and 10 needles (choose either 16g or 18g).
For mycology work only – unsuitable for human or animal use.

Syringe Set price £13.99 incl mainland UK delivery.


These syringe and needle sets are perfect for working with mushroom liquid cultures or spores.  Our syringes are disposable luer-lock type, supplied in sterile packaging, medical grade, packed and sealed individually, as are the needles. Each syringe and needle set includes 10 x 10ml syringes with your choice of 10 x 16g or 18g needles, 10 x syringe stoppers in case of need plus, free of charge,  alcohol wipes for the needles tips.

Syringe and Needle Set 1: 10 x 10ml disposable luer lock syringes, 10 x 18g needles: £13.99
Syringe and Needle Set 2: 10 x 10ml disposable luer lock syringes, 10 x 16g needles: £13.99

These syringe and needles kits are suitable for use working with mushroom spores and liquid cultures. All items are supplied in individual sterile packaging. Syringes are disposable and are not autoclavable, and are not suitable for human or animal use. Prices incl mainland UK delivery.

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10ml Syringes + 16g needles, 10ml Syringes + 18g needles, 20ml Syringes + 16g needles, 20ml Syringes + 18g nedles